Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway Drawing!

Alrighty then, I printed out all the entries in the comments of the blog post for the Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway, then trimmed them all into strips, and placed them in a bucket for the drawing.

I did make a short video, but the actual drawing segment involves a failure to focus, and/or operator error, so you'll have to take my word for it that the winners are actually the same as shown on the strips drawn from the bucket.

1st Prize goes to:  Michael Davis, Greenville, SC, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy ~ Confirmed
2nd Prize goes to:  Leigh Smith, Wesley Chapel, FL, Napoleon by Andrew Roberts ~ Confirmed
3rd Prize goes to:  Donald Waters, Yukon, OK, Fevre Dream by George RR Martin ~ Still waiting

The winners have a week to respond to me at this email:  Stormdrane (at) hotmail (dot) com  I spelled the address out to limit the web bots harvesting it to spam me more than I already am.  Put 'Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway' in the email subject line to help me find it just in case it gets sent to the spam folder. ;)

If a winner fails to contact me within a week, I'll be keeping all the other entries in the bucket at the ready to draw another winner for that prize.

Thanks again to the Schmuckatelli Co. for providing the cool beads for the giveaway.  You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up with what's new and current sales and offers, as well as photos shared of what projects some folks use the skull beads for, like paracord bracelets and lanyards.

And, 'Thank You!', to everyone that took the time to read the blog and enter the giveaway!  Much appreciated!
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

A Chain Sinnet Paracord Bracelet with Stairstep Stitching

At the time of this post, there are still a couple of days left to enter the Shmuckatelli Co. Giveaway.

I used olive drab paracord for this chain sinnet bracelet with 3/8" side release buckle, going back over it after it was tied, using 1.4mm cord and stairstep stiching down the center of the bracelet.  This chain sinnet is #2897 in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', one of several variations.

I started with a ring hitch onto one buckle end, tied the sinnet for desired length, then wrapped the strands around the other buckle end, doing a half hitch with each end strand and then running a needle and thread through the ends to further secure them, before trimming and melting to finish.

I used most of a seven foot length of paracord that I started with, and used a scrap length of 1.4mm cord that was a few feet long, although I didn't measure what I started with or had leftover.  If the stitching strand had been longer, I may have continued with stitching back in the other direction after first working from one end to the other.

The bracelet fit my 8.5" wrist at first, but after adding in the stitching, it tightened up the weave a bit and restricted any stretching.  So, I gave this one to Pa to wear, a Veteran's Day gift to the LtCol (Retired US Army, Vietnam Vet).

I had posted a chain sinnet  bracelet several years ago, shown with a knot and loop closure.  Here's a link to Ken's video tutorial on tying a chain sinnet bracelet.  Another knot tyer has a more recent YouTube tutorial for a chain sinnet bracelet, although slightly different with the sinnet being tied around core strands.

Adding stitching to the pattern negates the 'quick deploy' ability of pulling the bracelet apart if you need to re-purpose the cord in a hurry.  But, if your emergency requires speedy use of around 7 feet of paracord, your problems probably exceed whatever super timely need of string you have, lol...  Knot responsibly!

I also tied up a number of chain sinnet paracord lanyards, attaching keyring LED flashlights and P-38 can openers, with a safety pin to help keep the blades closed and other potential EDC uses.

I give these to my Pa to give out when making food deliveries with the church food pantry and when he's working with the homeless ministry.

The lanyard/diamond knot tied at the end of the lanyard can be tucked into the loop at the keyring end, for attachment of the lanyard to a belt, belt loop, backpack strap or whatnot for retention, or used as a fingerloop, etc...

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Time for a Schmuckatelli Co. Giveaway! *Entry period now closed.

Mike at Schmuckatelli Co. sent me a package of Made in the U.S.A. goodies (skull lanyard beads!) from his packed desk drawers, with some prototype finishes, including a cool proto totem (all one piece) of stacked Tiki beads (Kiko, Ona, and Ku) and a selection of other beads from their lineup.

This giveaway is sponsored by Schmuckatelli Co., and Stormdrane.  I've split the skull beads up for three winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes with a lanyard that I tied for each prize package, so the winners can have a lanyard to add a bead to, or add them to ones they tie themselves.

 Don't know how to tie a lanyard?  I encourage folks to get some cord, learn some knots, and have some fun maybe trying/tying something out of their wheelhouse and dress it up with some cool skull beads.

There are examples of uses for the spool knit lanyards throughout my blog pages, like using them as a lanyard to attach to a wallet, keychain, flashlight, pocket knife, multi-tool, cell phone, gadget, gear, gizmo, zipper pulls, molle straps on bags/pouches/backpacks, etc...

The 1st prize includes a 425 paracord spool knit lanyard, in licorice (black/red combo) with a 4 bight Turk's head knot on the Grimloc carabiner.  The beads include the proto pewter Tiki totem, 18 karat gold plated Mind skull, proto finish rhodium and 18 karat gold plated Aquilo Sugar Skull Bead, 18 karat gold, rose gold, and rhodium plated One-Eyed Jack, blue powder coated Grins, pewter Brous bead with logo, pewter Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead, and pewter Classic skull bead.

The 2nd prize includes a 325 paracord (I think that's what the size/diameter is, wasn't labeled, lol) spool knit lanyard, charcoal gray, with 1.4mm cord gaucho interweave knots on the Grimloc.  The beads include a proto finish 18 karat gold and rhodium plated Aquilo Sugar Skull Bead, blue powder coat Grins, pewter Jumbo Emerson, pewter Vinnie Garoon Cowboy Bead, pewter Classic skull bead, pewter Brous no logo, and Kiko Tiki bead.

The 3rd prize includes a Type I/95 paracord spool knit lanyard in olive drab, and the Grimloc has a 1.4mm cord pineapple knot tied on it.  The beads include pewter Kiko, Ku, Grins, Mind, Cyber, Joe mini bead, and Green Man.

Giveaway entry period is from 6 November 2017 through 12 November 2017.  To enter, leave a comment with your name and location AND the title of the last book you read on this blog post (first/last name, your city/state/country location AND book title), which helps tell one entrant from another if they have the same name. Example:  David Hopper, McDonough GA, The Directory of Knots.

One entry per person, and I'll open this giveaway to U.S. residents and international entrants also, but if someone outside the U.S. wins a prize package, they agree to be responsible for any taxes or customs duties and accept the risk of packages disappearing in the mail, which can happen in the states at times as well, but luckily I've had no problems with packages I've mailed out at home or abroad not ending up where they were supposed to.

At the end of the giveaway entry period, names from the pool of entrants will be drawn and the winners names will be posted, and they will have one week to reply/respond, or alternate winners will be chosen, so be sure to check back after the giveaway ends to see if you've won. Spam links in the comments will be deleted.  After contact with the winners has been established, their prize package will be mailed out to them from my location here in McDonough, Georgia.  Good luck to all and happy knotting!

'Like' and following the Schmuckatelli Co. Facebook page is appreciated, but not required to enter and does not affect the chances of winning. Actually running giveaways can be quite time consuming and and tricky nowadays keeping up with following rules, policies and guidelines, but I know I enjoy entering them and have been lucky to win a few here and there out of the countless ones I've entered over the years. :)

I encourage my friends, followers, blog readers and subscribers to enter, but my family members are not eligible to enter and will just have to be satisfied with knot work I've already sent ya'll for birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays and whatnot or wait for possible future stocking stuffers. ;)

Some of these beads are one offs, so there are no replacements.  Monetary value is hard to determine as well, but you can get an idea if you look at similar finishes with the different beads that are currently offered on the Schmuckatelli Co. website.  My best guesstimate on value for each prize package, based on similar beads on the site and cost of materials for the lanyards I tied (not counting the time/ hours spent tying them) is approximately:  $80 value for 1st prize, $65 value for 2nd, and $50 value for 3rd prize.  No substitutions for prize packages.

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.

And a few simple photos showing how to  get those lanyard beads on to the lanyard loop, and sometimes fit the lanyard loop through a knife/flashlight/multitool lanyard hole, size permitting, as not everyone may know how.

Take a thin piece of string, fishing line, or dental floss through the lanyard loop, bring the ends together, then run them through the lanyard bead, and pull the loop up through the lanyard bead with one hand and push down on the bead with the other.

A loop of paracord can be a tight fit for some beads depending on the thickness of the cord and the diameter of the lanyard bead's hole.

Not all paracord is the same.  Sometimes the paracord may need to be gutted (inner strands removed) to make it thin enough to fit beads and lanyard holes, experiences can vary when buying cord from one vendor/distributor/manufacturer compared to another.  Cheapest is not always best, shop around.

Here I sit, contemplating what to eat, pizza or tacos, sporting a Made in the U.S.A. t-shirt that Schmuckatelli Co. sent me.  Even had one in my size, a 'Put the fork down!' size, one of those with lots of X's, lol.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Birthday flashlight mod...

I tied a 13 lead 4 bight Turk's head knot, doubled, with gutted licorice (red/black interlace pattern) paracord around the body/grip section of an iProtec 1400 LED flashlight that my Ma & Pa gave me for my birthday.

I added a simple paracord wrist loop with the leftover bit of paracord after finishing the TH knot, using almost 14 total feet of paracord from the leftover remnant strand that I began with. The wrist loop is finished with a two-strand stopper knot.

When I started tying, I wasn't sure what I was going to do, whether it would be a basic Turk's head knot, herringbone or gaucho interweave, or adding in another color for a pineapple knot or other variation.  I just wanted to first see how far the 14 foot length of paracord I was working with would get me.

The loosely tied doubled knot left me with just enough slack for a wrist lanyard, so I kept that pattern, since anything else would probably interfered with the room I had with the tailcap and zoomable head function of the flashlight.  I might could still use a strand of 0.9mm cord to accent the knot if I haven't gotten it too tight...

The iProtec 1400 zoomable LED flashlight is the same as the NEBO Redline Blast model.

I was going to get all my flashlights that have a strobe mode and turn them on, pointing them at the front door for trick-or-treaters on Halloween yesterday, but sadly we had not a single visitor to our house.  The diabetics in the house are going to have fun eating all the candy we'd bought, lol...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A County Comm Care Package...

A bit of knot work done with some cool care package items that County Comm had sent to me a little while back.

I tied a pineapple knot using black and white 0.9mm cord around a Maratac Anodized Peanut Lighter XL.

I started with a 5 lead 4 bight base Turk's head knot in black, raised that to a 7 lead 6 bight knot, then raised again to a 9 lead 8 bight knot and doubled the knot. I then worked in the pineapple interweave with the white cord, doubled it, and gradually tightened/dressed the knot, taking care with trying to keep it straight and neat.

I added a 5 lead 9 bight Turk's head knot around the cap of the Copper Peanut Lighter.  The lighter should develop a nice patina over time with handling.  Shown attached to the zipper pull of my jacket.

 I used some of the Pharoah Cord (425 paracord), a royal teal/gold color interlace pattern, to tie a variety of zipper pulls, key fobs, lanyards, knife handle grip/wrap, and even a half hitched/needle hitching soda/beer can hugger/koozie/pouch with cord lock and wrist loop, which used around 40 feet of cord.

Some other neat items in the care package were a titanium Norton's U.C.S. (Universal Cleaning Stick), good for help with cleaning multitools, firearms, pocket knives, and other assorted gadgets and whatnot where you can use it to dig into tight spots with cleaning patches/solvents/oils to clean and lubricate your gear.

A sweet pair of XL Titanium EDC Tweezers, anodized in a nice shade of blue, that work great for picking/pulling things out of tight spaces, even gripping the occasional wild and unruly beard/mustache/eyebrow/nostril/ear hairs that don't want to stay in line with the program.  The tweezers even have a hex socket to work with screwdriver bits on the top end.

Lots of potential used for the UGM - Universal Glow Markers and Compact UGM, like attaching to backpack/luggage zipper pulls, keychain/keyring fobs, hanging on doorknobs to help navigate around dark rooms at home or while traveling/hotel stays, keeping you oriented when you wake up in the middle of the night and forget where you are.

I might try hanging a couple of 'em from one of the ceiling fan's light/fan chain switch pulls.

 The Schmuckatelli Co. giveaway is still in the works, coming soon!

As an Amazon affiliate I earn a small percentage of sales when folks go to amazon through my links and shop, and that helps pay the bills, so, 'Thanks!'.

Check out the VENOM and VENOM RED mochi drawstring backpacks with Stormdrane logo and stitched paracord handle.  I receive a percentage from the sale of each of those versions from Mochibrand (when and
if they're in stock). ;)